I found my interest in web in the year of 2011 and my path of life unwillingly inclined to this way. at first, I was looking for learning then trying to create and now i'm looking for myself in it.

2011 - 2013

It took me a while to discover what I was looking for.

I started to learn stubburnly. I learned a bit about HTML and CSS and beside of that, Photoshop. as time passed by, I found about the unique power of Wordpress and this system became my perpetual friend in web design!

2013 - 2016

Then I was looking for creating.

I could feel that I had learned all the neccessary skills, so that was the time for creating and I got it under way and finally I founded RetriCa Web Design Studio...
I created many websites on that time including our university's website ( Hamedan University of Technology ). then my goal changed from designing and creating websites with new ideas to teach what I had learned so far.

2016 - 2019

Then it was the time to discover myself.

The quest for finding myself instigated by Slider Revolution. I can blame all the faults on it, cuz it caused me to changed my attitude toward everything and of course it helped me to find new friends who can be my peers in this way.
Eventually I reached Porteghaliha by Slider revolution which I can see all my goals through it.

2019 - NOW

Now is the time to start developing some serious management skills.

Porteghaliha progressed quickly and made a compelling story. However, after a year and a half, we were no longer allowed to function on this site (due to legal and juridical issues).
But I didn't give up and proceeded on the journey of Porteghaliha under the name RastClick. RastClick confronted me with significant challenges in both team and individual management. But over the last couple of years, I've been striving to keep on track with a more precise strategy.


Teaching, Learning, Philosophy and Contemplating, Talking, Music and Movie became my whole life.

Now that I have the moment, I rather be involve in things that I believe in them. I only live once so i love passionately with all those that I have found about myself.

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